Create WordPress Plugins Simple Quick And Easy without Knowing How To Code.

Learn from a simple, yet true, story how I used readily available tutorial videos, and a few of my own, to rake in almost $5,000 in affiliate commissions in a few days!

Back in October 2019 a good friend of mine reached out to me about a WordPress plugin he wanted me to promote. It was a great product called MetaDomainer. I knew in just a few minutes of checking it out, that I was going to promote it, however I needed an exclusive bonus.

As an affiliate sometimes you can get bonuses from the vendor, however they are not truly exclusive, as all affiliates can get them “if” they ask.

I asked Gene Pimentel for all the training videos, as I was going to create a unique bonus. I was going to create a Companion WordPress Plugin for the MetaDomainer plugin, and the best option was to place the training videos right inside the WordPress Dashboard of the buyers WordPress Admin Dashboard. Gene gave the video links to me, and I went to work!

I created one of the most efficient WordPress plugins I had ever made. The main code was only 51 lines long….Yes! Only 51 lines of code, and took less than 10 minutes to create. I was excited about the bonus so much I showed it to a few friends and Gene Pimentel.

Everyone was so excited to see this as no one had ever created a bonus like this before for a Premium WordPress plugin. This bonus had all the bases covered with all the training videos, and a few of my videos, included with a sleek video player on the WordPress Dashboard.

Launch day started for MetaDomainer, I did my best of course to promote MetaDomainer by touting my bonus plugin as being only available from me. Therefore, everyone that saw my review videos, and my emails, they knew who they were going to buy MetaDomainer through….it was me!

Everyone wanted my unique bonus.  I checked the contest that was going on for MetaDomainer, and to my surprise, I was in the top spot!
Gene reached out to me and told me:

A couple of days into the launch I had to reach out to Dan Nickerson, the developer of the great plugin MetaDomainer, about a couple of questions about the plugin one of my audience had asked me. Later on in the conversation I asked about the contest and how I was ranking for MetaDomainer and he said:

For some 86 sales is amazing promotion!

Heck even for some half of that number!

quarter of that number is an awesome promotion!
However, I had an 86 sale LEAD!
I thought to myself, this is incredible! I had never done anything like this before as an affiliate!
Not these types of numbers!

At the end of the launch for MetaDomainer I was the winner of the contest hands down, however that was not the best part. I sold over 250+ units for the MetaDomainer launch, and earned almost $5,000 in commissions for doing my part.

There was a bonus give away for a gold bar worth $1500, you can watch the drawing here, watch video all the way through. I just missed the Gold Bar Winner by one spot! Congrats Patrick Tuttle on your Gold Bar, Great Win!

Wouldn’t you love to be able to create a unique bonus like this as well?
The problem most likely is you do not know how to code a WordPress plugin!

You probably do not have the time to learn to code either!

However, with WP Dashboard Coach you do not need to know how to code, it’s done for you and made “Stupid Proof” with everyone in mind!

Extremely easy to use, just answer a few questions, enter in up to 10 Vimeo Videos/Playlist/Youtube Videos/Playlists/Amazon Videos Etc. and out pops your very own unique WordPress plugin which you can use as bonuses for products you are promoting.

You can use these unique WordPress plugins with your own training videos and sell them, or give them away.

You can use these unique WordPresss plugins with someone else’s training videos and sell them, or give them away for lead generation.

Use it anyway you desire, it’s YOUR Plugin!

Create Three Different Styles of Dashboard Coach Plugins.

Create Unlimited WP Dashboard Coach Style WordPress Plugins.

Sell, Giveaway, Rebrand Your Own Plugins.

Create Plugins With Your Own Affiliate Links.

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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